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Funding Initiative

- Zorro Moto needs your Help -
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Zorro Moto was born 3 years ago out of a passion for motorbikes and the profound need for jobs. We created this start-up as an opportunity to invest into people and grow.  For two years, we successfully pioneered an enterprise in this developing country. 2020 came and COVID crisis hit the local economy hard. Kyrgyzstan closed borders quickly. Tourism, our main income provider, got stuck in all these restrictions. The result is an ongoing battle: an economical crisis and a setback by decades - not only here, but for the whole of Central Asia.
Our line of work being summer season focused, Zorro Moto lost an entire annual cash flow in 2020.

Zorro Moto survived, thanks to our faithful staff, a considerate management, and God's grace. ​

Tourism has not recovered yet, but we believe with your help, we can put our enterprise back on track.
Do you want to help and support Zorro Moto and what we pursue?

Join our funding initiative - support jobs - support an enterprise.

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The Economical Situation

Kyrgyzstan has a high unemployment rate and is very much dependent on development programs. The Corona crisis was a hard blow to the already struggling economy of Central Asia. SMEs (Small and Medium sized Enterprises) are Kyrgyzstans largest employer, and they are hit the hardest. Zorro Moto experiences the same impact. 

Central Asian Bureau for Analytical Reporting (CABAR)

econocial situation

Our Enterprise

Zorro Moto is providing services in two main branches: One branch in tourism with a work shop, a sales shop and maintenance space for individual motorbike travelers. With the other branch we work into the market of 2-wheelers and try to establish more individual mobility with scooters from Japan. Osh/Kyrgyzstan has not yet an established 2-wheeler market.

Zorro Motos start-up is financed by the owner Dave Fuchser to the majority of the capital, together with a few friends who participate in the venture with loans and investments.
My vision is to create a self-sustaining business model. This prototype should be adaptable for our local employees to multiply and start their own successful venture in this development country.

Not only the country but the people need to develop. We aim for creating jobs and education on the job. For example, our manager completed an MIT entrepreneur course, our mechanic began to learn English and our accountant starts to manage E-Banking for the first time.

Every year we try to push beyond the limits of the previous in professionalizing what we do. We nurture creativity and initiative, for example by creating  this web page or upgrade our shop with a barcode system.

> Explore more in our About section.

what we do

Why we run a Funding Initiative

Zorro Moto is pioneering in a Business Enterprise Approach for a development country.

Zorro Moto is a LLC and profit oriented. Thus we aim to teach the employees a sustainable work culture and responsible money management. Kyrgyzstan is in need of a solid economy based on SME ventures. Still in the start-up phase, we didn't have the chance to generate enough capital to survive such a challenge as the COVID crisis. We are dependent on the tourism cash flow which went down to zero in 2020. We are also dependent on open borders for travelers across Central Asia. Even now, every country reopens in their own schedule. 

The perspective of another dry year is too much to bear for our young start-up. That's why we launched this funding initiative to generate capital in form of a grant provided to the business. We expect a restrained prognosis for season 2021 and count on a reasonable cash flow in 2022.  


We'd be delighted if you considered to join the initiative with a small donation. Any amount will help us. 
Our goal is to raise CHF 34'500.- until end of May 2021.

The campaign will run wether we reach the goal or not. 

Thank you so much for your donation, it means a lot to us!


Thank you for allowing us to keep pioneering our enterprise in a development country.

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