Rental Motorbike

For the remote regions of Central Asia it is crucial to have some mechanical skills to help yourself in case of a flat tire or other damage. Prepare your skills for gravel. We expect you are able to change and fix a flat tire on the road. Tech equipment for usual emergency procedure is provided. Pick-up / drop-off is in Osh only.

Zorro Moto is looking forward to welcome you in Kyrgyzstan. 


SWM Superdual X 600

The SWM Superdual X is the new flagship of Zorro Moto!

It is new, reliable and made for gravel! An original Husqvarna invention manufactured into a solid and flexible bike for the back country. For this season we're going to have two bikes ready, a black one and a red one. With its 169kg, single cylinder injection and 18L fuel tank, it fulfills every expectation of adventurous riders. The model X with its front 21' /rear 18' provides a balanced performance on tarmac, gravel and off road. The mileage range is around 400 km. 

  • deposit in cash: 800 $

  • unlimited km

  • optional insurance (comprehensive coverage): 10 $/day

  • panniers 35L each side / top case not provided

  • 18L-tank, wind shield, fog lights, crash bars

  • seat height: 898mm

  • tech equipment included

  • phone assistance on the road provided and included

  • ride-able in:
    Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikstan, Uzbekistan, Kazachstan

  • not ride-able in:
    China, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iran

Yamaha XT 600 E

The XT is the wold famous single cylinder indestructible mate! It boasts 40 years of development history and is therefore a very well proven, reliable and robust Enduro. The engine still works with a carburetor, but no matter the height, the XT doesn't bother. With its 178kg / 39PS / air cooled, it is still a record holder among its competitors. 

For 2019 we have 3 XT's available, one with an extended 23L-Tank.

All our vehicles are freshly imported from Switzerland. We care about a high standard quality and a low mileage of the vehicles. 

  • deposit in cash: 500 $

  • unlimited km

  • insurance (comprehensive coverage) optional: 10 $/day

  • panniers 30L each side (Enduristan Monsun3) / top case not provided

  • crash bars, 12V-Socket

  • 2 bikes with 15L-tanks / 1 bike with 23L-tank

  • seat height: 840mm

  • ride-able in:
    Kyrgyzstan, Tadjikstan, Uzbekistan, Kazachstan

  • not ride-able in:
    China, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iran



Beginning of May 2019 we open our new shop in the city center. During May we are planning to have our first scooters ready for rental. Nothing easier than parking your motorcycle, pick a scooter and go out around the corner for a nice and cosy restaurant. 

  • deposit: no deposit required

  • unlimited km

  • rid-able in: Osh only

  • no booking required

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