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Tire Reservation

You want make sure your tire is ready for you?  Write us an email with your specs. For your reservation a 50% down payment is required. Payment is with a bank transaction in Euro or USD.

In case of a cancellation of your reservation, we keep 50% of your down payment.


Mechanical Service

We offer the simple services for Oil- Air-Filter change. We do not provide deep engine maintenance. In April we open our doors for mechanical service and self maintenance option. Winter season only upon request. -> Pricing see PDF


Delivery to Zorro Moto

Do you need specific parts for your motorbike or have some damage from the rugged Central Asian roads? Just get what you need delivered from home. We will store it and have it ready for you. This will cost you $30. Further info in the pdf.


Park your Motorbike

Some people need a storage place for the winter, others a parking space for a quick trip to China. Osh is a strategic place close to the pamir highway for your venture.



Amenities for your full service day at Zorro Moto0: 

WiFi is provided at our shop and self maintenance area. A nice aircon coffeeshop is at next door. Several restaurants just across the streets. 

mechanical service
delivery to ZM
tire resevaion
parking bike
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