In addition to the sales in our shop, we offer some services. As we are just beginning our business venture, we are excited to add additional services.

Make a tire reservation

You see we have the tires you need, you know approximately when you will be in Osh and you want to make sure that your products are not sold out? Write us an email with your specs. After we receive your down payment of $100, we will store your tires and get them ready for you. A down payment is possible by Pay Pal or bank transferal. In case of a cancellation of your reservation, we keep $40 of your down payment. For payment details, please contact.

Delivery Service

You need specific spare parts for your motorbike or you have some damage from the rugged Central Asian roads? Just get what you need delivered from Europe by DHL to our address. We store it and will have it ready for you to pick up. This will cost you $25, all included. Just click on the pdf and follow the steps.

Mechanical Service

Season 2019 is the first year in which we provide our own mechanical services, we educate and train at the job. In May we open our doors for mechanical service and self maintenance option. 


- Tire change 10$ / 700 Som
- Oil change 10$ / 700 Som
- Air filter clean 10$ / 700 Som

- self maintenance 1 day 15$ / 1000 Som 

- Motorbike wash 5$ / 350 Som

- Mechanic work hour 10$ / 700 Som

Park your Motorbike

Some people need a storage place for the winter, others a parking space for a quick trip to China. Placed in the midsd of Osh, close to all the hotels, a perfect spot to host your bike.

Free Wifi

Come to our shop and you have access to a hot spot for your urgent needs.

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