Our Vision

This region has been known for its crumbling factories and rampant corruption, but how do honest businesses model?

We decided to give it a try and invest in a business venture, invest in people, and in a region which is in great need of good jobs. While doing so, we take people alongside, teaching them "how to". The currency at Zorro Moto is INTEGRITY.

Zorro Moto provides a place for Motorbike Travelers with simple services. We aim to stay together strong. Co-Working on a big compound in the center of Osh provides multiple benefits from a decent cub of coffee to a bed, breakfast and shower. 

By choosing Zorro Moto, you help us not only to gain our annual cash flow, but also to provide jobs and meet local social needs.


We understand development in the way of teaching and leading local citizens into self sustainability and independency.

Thanks for joining us!


Our Team


Director & Founder

Dave grew up in Switzerland, job education in mechanical engineering and process engineering. He lives with his family in Osh since Winter 2015. 


Office Manager

Sardor grew up in Osh, studied law and international relations. He has a family with two kids. He helped Dave in the company set-up



Aina started working for Zorro Moto in spring 2019. Her skills leads to a tremendous development in the financial development. 



Working as professional welder for a decade, his affection for Scooters led him to another assignment for two wheelers.  


A small History

The Beginning 17/2018


In October 2017 I started the set-up process for Zorro Moto. It turned out to be a 3 month given marathon with Kyrgyz Government until the business certificate was given 21. December 2017 in Bishkek. At the same time, frame work and branding for the name Zorro and Moto took a time of 2 month. I needed a short name, good for memorization, an international wording positive in multiple ethnic cultural back ground: Western people, Russian- Kyrgyz- and Uzbek people. Not being graphic designers, my wife and I started to brain storm and draw a logo on an Apple tablet output the given logo nowadays.

New years dawn 2018 already an unforgiving demand for tax approval, without employees, the freshly born company forced me to outsource a first “Zero-Report” to an external accountant.
Setting things up properly I hired mid January an office manager and beginning of February an accountant. In March 2018 small shop was rented at the outskirts of Osh with 60 square, bought two metal shelves for the minimum needed items and brought an old wooden table out of my house. Having now a residency address, I took my Nikon camera, shot some pictures and built my first business web-page on my own.

A month later the first tire load from Heidenau Tires Germany was delivered, my neighbor built two metal shelves for tires and with the remaining pallet we built a sales-desk.
In the very set-up I focused on the only main thing, creating cash flow as fast a possible – the blood in the vein of Zorro Moto. Having not a mechanic up front luckily in favor of my former employer could out source service offers in the beginning.
Partnering up with Iron Horse in Bishkek could start sales up front in two cities, promoting Zorro Moto through the biggest rental facilitator of Central Asia.
June 2018 was another key date. Halve a year working on purchasing and delivering second hand scooters from Japan, a 20ft. high cube container finally arrived in Osh. The aim of providing mobility to a local market turned out to be a nut for the already now 2 years plus. Bound a lot of capital to that risky venture, local market and sales in its child shoes of development. Summer 2018 followed with a first scooter sale and by chance a two-days tour with two excited motorbike travelers. Getting wild in the back country of southern Kyrgyzstan, this two day venture led to the first official Zorro Moto Tour in 2019 for 7 days.


A wild upgrade 2019


After New Year in Switzerland, little did I know about what would happen. I would have cursed somebody a jerk if he would told me having 5 rental bikes in a big facility in the center of Osh town – but that was exactly what happened.
Working my way into SWM connections in winter 18/19, the key decision fell in February 2019 for the step into Motorcycle rental business. At the same time, my office manager left Zorro Moto and the accountant asked for replacement due to the complexity of business and her age.
Left alone with a business extension, another door opened for partnering up with other start-up's in the city center of Osh for a co-working business place. End of February I closed the small shop after one year running. Without any business facility in March 19, I hired a new office manager created a new job position for a mechanic and started the first working hour in a coffee shop in town. We started to set-up, renovate and shape the future facility and I hired a new accountant.
Zorro Moto became the official dealer for Heidenau Tires after one year approval. Almost at the same time SWM granted us to become import for SWM Brand for Central Asia.

In May 2019 we re-opened our new facility and the shop. The first services were offered to customers in our new established garage. Also in May our SWM Supderdual X arrived at customs. Trucks are not allowed for driving in the city center, clearing the goods at a crap old facility from government, the Motorcycles were delivered in a break down van to our facility.

Our residency in the city center caused some attention. A tremendous increase of customers and local bikers was the result. For the season 2019 Zorro Moto became the official dealer for retail products from Iron Horse for south Kyrgyzstan, distributing HiFlo Filters and JTR Products.


Mid August another adventure was awaiting, our first tour with 4 clients for seven days is a significant mile stone for another new branch: Zorro Moto Tours. The new designed tour was a success in its diversity.

A none graceful business environment in the wild east Asia leads evidently to learning lessons. The winter 19/20 was marked with some further frame work about internal systems. Zorro Moto is establishing a new sales system with stock inventory on time. In hope this would left us with some more freedom from governmental hassle.
A business growth of 150% in the second year provides Zorro Moto a higher flexibility for development.

Dave Fuchser - 24. January 2020 


About Dave

Director and Founder of Zorro Moto LLC

Dave grew up in the Alpine foothills of Switzerland. He moved to Osh in the fall of 2015 with his family. After having had the privilege to work with a travel agency for motorbike tours across Central Asia, he has now opened his own business venture. He has always been passionate about motorbikes and wants to create a space which provides jobs and where local people can be involved in a real business.

 " Zorro Moto is meant to become
   something unique in Central Asia
   a place where communities meet
   and work space is created.

   Developing countries have to become

   self sustaining, Entrepreneurial Business

   is as way to lead people into independence.

  It is my joy to see this come alive." - Dave

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