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Our Vision

In ancient days Osh was a thriving town on the Silk Road. Nowadays this region is rather known for its crumbling factories and rampant corruption.
So how does an honest business model function here?

We decided to give it a try and invest in a business venture, invest in people, and in a region which is in great need of good jobs.

Zorro Moto provides a place for motorbike travelers with simple services. Our business neighbors provide coffee & cakes other restaurants decent menus. We aim to stay strong together!

Let's revive the Silk Road with modern "camels"
and a local convenient caravanserai. 

By choosing Zorro Moto, you help us not only to gain our annual cash flow, but also to provide jobs within a development vision.
While doing so, we take people alongside, teaching them "how to". The currency at Zorro Moto is INTEGRITY.

We teach and lead local people into developing self sustainability, skills and independent thinking.



Our Team




Share Holder

Jake grew up in the US / Oklahoma. He lives in Osh since 2015 and joined Zorro Moto in spring 2021. 
Jake is responsible for all opperations & facility in Osh.
As a share holder he is at the business board together with Dave.




Share Holder

Lives with his Family in Switzerland. Dave is coaching & mentoring Jake and assisting Zorro Moto in its development. In Europe Dave manages B2B services, buy-in and web development.

As a main share holder  he is the chairman of the board.




Dastan used to work as a professional welder in earlier days. His affection for Scooters & Motorbikes led him to a new career. Zorro Moto is honored to have Dastan's company since a few years. 




Asel started working for Zorro Moto in August 2021. With many years of experience and trained in friendly expat business, we have a true professional on board. 


Sales Manager

For spring 2023 we are looking for a local sales manager. Shop management, rent & sell scooters.

Language: Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Russian and at least beginner in English.


A Small History

About Dave

About Dave

Founder & Chairman of the Board of Zorro Moto LLC

Dave grew up in the Alpine foothills of Switzerland. He moved to Osh in the fall of 2015 with his family. After having had the privilege to work with a travel agency for motorbike tours across Central Asia, he has founded his own business venture with Zorro Moto in December 2017.

Dave has always been passionate about motorbikes and wants to create a space which provides jobs and where local people can be involved in a real business.

Now after 3 1/2 years pioneering the start-up, Zorro Moto is led to the next step of development with a business board and an additional share holder

 " Zorro Moto is meant to become
   something unique in Central Asia,
   a place where communities meet
   and work space is created.

   Developing countries have to become

   self sustaining - Entrepreneurial Business

   is a way to lead people into independence.

  It is my joy to see this come alive."

- Dave

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