Our niche is customized tours. There are already a few commercial tour providers in Central Asia.
We have no standard tour, the client is king, your wish - our job.

  • several years experience

  • a network of tour guides in Europe

  • access to support vehicles

  • local drivers.

The most common roads everybody knows, but the hidden tracks?
Go for the unknown with a private tour guide and you won't regret!


We can offer you a package all-in-one bundle from arrival until departure.


Pre-planning was yesterday. Just ride with a guide and book underway.


Rent a motorbike

vehicle with driver: 
Baggage transport, translator, mechanic 

-all in one


- we book your accommodation

- we equip you with GPS points & tracks

- we organize VISA & permits



Individual Tours = Individual Prices

There are a few factors which sum up to a price per day.
Your individual rental bike is additional. 


  1. Bundle Day all inclusive (food, gas, accommodation, Zorro management and preparation). Your standard on desired accommodation may vary; Osh offers 0 - 5* Hotels.
    The Bundle-Day: 80-120$

  2. Tour guide day rate: 250$ / day
    (guide from overseas adds flight cost)

  3. Tour guide bike: 95$ / day

  4. VISA, road and special border permits for certain regions in Kyrgyzstan  

  5. Count of people per group

   The Formula = (1+2+3+4)/5 = Tour-Day rate X

   -> Example for KG inland tour without permits:
       (80$ + 250$ + 95 + 0) / 5
       = 425$ day rate for the group 
       = 85$ / Person / Day


Pre-planning was yesterday. Just ride with a guide and book underway.

ON - THE - GO means: no advanced planning from our side and no tour-bundle-day-cost before tour start. All expenses as they happen "on-the-go" every day.
The risk is, a hostel could be booked out resulting in new planning from scratch on the roadside.  


Support rolling with you - no baggage on the bike

Nothing more convenient than a support vehicle with a driver.
Your luggage, tools and the mechanic is on board. 

Driver: 80$ / day
Car:     80$ - 120$ / day (depending on vehicle and duration upon request)


As individual as it gets

You like to ride on your own, or in your little group. But you don't want to invest time for planning in a country you don't know. We will book your accommodations, organize your VISAS & Permits and construct GPS points and tracks according to your specific requirements. 

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