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New Director

- we grow - we change - we develop -

After two successful start-up years in 2018/19, Zorro Moto morphed into a standby mode throughout the year 2020. Development didn't stop, although customers overseas may haven't seen much. Sometimes for travelers connected with us, our second leg, the scooter branch is not so well known. 

Now Zorro Moto is in its 2nd year without much tourism. We were honored to provide services to 6 motorbike customers since 1.1.2020! You can imagine this isn't much of a business. But our second leg, scooter rentals, service & sales went through the roof this year. Ironically because of lock down last year, people had a higher need for mobility and thus resulted in a continuously growing awareness of our business. With our new location at Lenin Street 126, we clearly are now part of the city's service offers among other SMEs.

With this, the first pioneering phase comes to an end - the 2nd phase has already started! 

Dave leaves the Director's seat

Allow myself to share a few honest words without make up. 

I am living now in Osh with my family since almost 6 years. It was good, adventurous, hard and sometimes very difficult. I was facing uncountable challenges in so many layers in life; a corrupt government chaos system with never ending papers, opposition in business from government and other businesses, personal challenges, wins & losses. This foreign culture and an overdose of documents, papers, permits, and a full assortment of opposition left scars. It brought me to a point of higher awareness of my emotional and physical health, and together with my wife we decided change is needed. 
Our original plan was to stay in Osh longer but now we are moving back to Switzerland this October 2021. Zorro Moto continues into the same direction. Jake is a good friend for many years, and since a year we are intentionally working for this transition. We develop together the course of Zorro Moto, wrestling through procedures, operations, vision & development and finally now creating a business board for Zorro Moto. 

I was well aware as I realized my decreasing energy level that quick changes would only provide short and non-sustainable solutions. Hence, since around 1 1/2 years now, I'm working for a 2nd generation development and it is a great joy for me to see this coming alive!
From now on I won't be involved in the daily operations in Osh. Jake will be your host at our normal mail address. Jake is now also a share holder, I remain as the owner with the majority of the shares. Residing in Switzerland, I am looking forward to coach & supervise the whole venture. We are on the board together, involved for strategic decision making and development, shaping the course of history in Osh.
I plan to be in Osh every year.

"I believe entrepreneurs have to be aware of what they are made for, enjoy the pioneering to the full extend, but also acknowledge the diversity of needs in business and their own measure of power. This evidently leads to the second generation, which makes me proud like a father! I believe if entrepreneurs don't accept these laws, their enterprises will not be empowered for a greater potential, multiplication and exponential growth." - Dave


Interview with the new Director: Jake Swanson

"Hi Jake, it is so great having you on the board! I am truly honored to have you on the director's seat now. This season has already been a good adventure in this transition of leadership and I am so looking forward working with you from overseas."

Jake where are you originally from?

I am from a small town in Oklahoma in the United States.

How long have you been in Osh?

I have lived in Osh since 2015. I originally came with a greenhouse project and while here I helped with a few English camps where I met my wife for the first time in 2016. We could not speak very well with each other at that time but I helped with the camp again in 2017 and from that camp our relationship started. My wife and I married in May of 2018.

What is your motorbike history?

I grew up riding dirt bikes from a young age in the fields in Oklahoma and moved on to ride on dunes and other State Parks in the United States. I have really enjoyed being able to ride motorcycles in the mountains in Kyrgyzstan, it is one of the things I like the best about living here.

What about your Vision for Zorro Moto?

My vision for Zorro Moto is to see it provide high-quality service for tourists whether that be tires and service on motorcycles or renting out our Zorro Moto bikes. And as a business to also be able to provide jobs for people and scooters for local mobility as well.

Thank you Jake!


Our Vision

In ancient days Osh was a thriving town on the Silk Road. Nowadays this region is rather known for its crumbling factories and rampant corruption.
So how does an honest business model function here?

We decided to give it a try and invest in a business venture, invest in people, and in a region which is in great need of good jobs.

Zorro Moto provides a place for motorbike travelers with simple services. Our business neighbors provide coffee & cakes other restaurants decent menus. We aim to stay strong together!

Let's revive the Silk Road with modern "camels"
and a local convenient caravanserai. 

By choosing Zorro Moto, you help us not only to gain our annual cash flow, but also to provide jobs within a development vision.
While doing so, we take people alongside, teaching them "how to". The currency at Zorro Moto is INTEGRITY.

We teach and lead local people into developing self sustainability, skills and independent thinking.


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