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We are moving to a new place

This is why our facility is closed from 29. May - 30. June. 

Osh experiences a real estate hype. A couple of construction companies build high story buildings in competition. The result is a crazy changing skyline of the city and property pricing is sky rocketing. Apartments cost about 50'000$ or more. For that mentioned price you would only get a shell of an Appartement in comparison of a house, five years ago.
The corona pandemic and what followed with lock down and border clossing, puts Kyrgyzstan into a tourism crisis. In the same time the US Dollar exchange rate increased about a 20% in 2020. This leads right now to a price increase of 20-30% for daily products. The economy is not strong enough to back up in adjusted salaries. Together with a level of depth increasing from IWF and others, this puts a heavy load to the citizens of Kyrgyzstan. 


The Landlord of Zorro Moto's rented property picked the chance and sold his land to one of the constructions mogul's. At least that's what we've been told, another high story building should decorate the skyline of Osh soon. And we are supposed to leave, the earlier the better. We've been even threatened with a two weeks ultimatum, which is a no brainer. Proper rental contracts suddenly do not matter much. We never received a cancellation of the contract. 

Anyhow, we found a good and useful place. We are going to be right next door a one of many nice stores of Kulikovsky Coffee. Customers will be able to rest in a spacy and airconditioned room by cake and coffee. Right across the streets is one a most famous restaurant in town (Atabek Restaurant) - the perfect place for a (clean) local food experience.

For travelers: Be aware that your GPS devices might show you the old place. OSM maps are slowly updated and it may take another two moth. Soon we will release all details and the proper address. Look @ 


Zorro Moto LLC
126 Lenin Street
723500 Osh


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